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Keeping Up Appearances

I want to send out an advance apology to my loyal readers/visitors for taking a little time away from the site. I will still be around but not as frequently as you are all used to. Why is DJ6ual not going to keep up on the site this coming week? You may ask. Well, I am assisting with three other site builds and they are going to be quite time consuming, so hang in there and know I will return soon.

 Thank You All for Understanding!


 Special Note:

I have noticed that many of you follow me on Twitter and FriendFeed and I just think that is FANTASTIC, but I also want to remind everyone that they can subscribe directly to this Blog using any Feed Reader of their choosing. Don’t be the only one to miss out on the next big thing! Thank you to everyone who does follow, you are all an inspiration to me!

 Here are some links to the site builds I have already been working on and will be doing more on this week:

 Tax Lady DIY
Link One
Link Two
Link Three
Link Four

Design by Tink
Link One

Where Does Your Angel Live?
Link One

(No Link Available Yet)

Looking for a good read? Try checking this out! Also be sure to stay tuned to Proof Negative, you will be hearing a DJ6ual show very soon!

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