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James Cameron (Avatar) Calls Fan f**king A**hole

Avatar director James Cameron  was heard calling a guy a "f**king a**hole" after a row during an autograph session. The drama began when the filmmaker passed a man holding an Avatar poster  and refused to sign it. The fan went back to Cameron and made a request again. But the 55-year-old director lost his cool.

"I don''t owe you a f**king signature ... just get out of my f**king personal space," quoted Cameron as yelling. Even the fan lost his head and shouted: "I'm an asshole because I ask someone I admire for their autograph that makes me an a**hole? I make $15-an-hour at work to go see your film and I'm an a**hole?" Cameron soon walked out of the place, while the man continued shouting at him.

Source: OneIndia


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