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Isaac Newton Birthday: Inventions and Discoveries

Today is the birthday of Sir Isaac Newton; this is why Google have changed their logo for today. We love how the search engine giant has apples falling from their home page logo. Newton was a complex man and known for more than just discovering gravity. Many people always ask what were his inventions and discoveries, with the latter outweighing the former.

Isaac Newton was born on January 4, 1643 and died on March 31, 1727. He was not tied to just one science he studied alchemy, astronomy, mathematics, philosophy, physics and theology. It was through is constant studying as well as sitting under a tree that he discovered gravity.

Many people would not know that Newton was also an inventor, he did not have a big list to his name, but would he did invent is still used today. Sir Isaac Newton invented the first practical reflecting telescope, what was different to this telescope and the ones used in that period is how he managed to separate unwanted colors.

The curved mirror was already in use, but it was Newton who thought of using it in his telescope first. We know that Sir Isaac Newton was a scientific genius, read more about the great man at

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