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Is This Embarrassing Photo of President Obama Actually Real?

September 21, 2011

Obama Hand PhotoIs This Embarrassing Photo of President Obama Actually Real?

If it’s real, it will make you put your head in your hands — no matter your political persuasion.

An alleged photo of President Obama reportedly taken yesterday has started to make the rounds. No, it’s not another Obama halo pic, but rather it shows the president striking an embarrassing pose. While standing with other leaders during an Open Government Partnership event, Obama can be seen waving to the camera. The only problem? He’s the only one — and he‘s covering another man’s face.

The photo has sparked widespread discussion about whether it’s real or Photoshopped. (Continue reading the story and participate in the poll here).

There are a lot of "Obama Haters" in this world, that is how we ended up with #AttackWatch, but would one of them really go so far as to doctor a photo like this? Depending who the "man behind the hand" is a photo like this could spark an International Incident! Hopefully the photographer caught this mishap in time and snapped another shot, while this one was just an "oopsy" that got released as a joke. If it is indeed real I think we can all agree that Obama needs to practice a little more etiquette. I vote for Modeling School, Tyra Banks might be available?


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