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Is The Social Security Office Wrongfully Declaring You Dead?

Is The Social Security Office Wrongfully Declaring You Dead?Is The Social Security Office Wrongfully Declaring You Dead?

One in 200 is the odds of the Social Security Office wrongfully declaring you dead. Every year, the Social Security Office accidentally marks 14,000 Americans as dead. The wrongfully declared deaths happens when a Social Security worker mistypes a deceased person's Social Security number. You may say to yourself that this could never happen to you, but you'd be surprised! (Continue reading this story).

Even though there are 14,000 wrongly declared deaths, that is considered a small amount compared to the 2.8 million death reports the Social Security Administration office takes in each year. If you are declared dead, the first thing you should do is go down to the Social Security Office and show photo identification. The Social Security Office said that photo identification is the best form of proof.

It isn't always that easy though. Make sure alert your credit cards and the three major credit bureaus of the oversight. When someone becomes deceased the SSA lists them in an online searchable database called the SOCIAL SECURITY DEATH INDEX and identity thieves often troll this site for leads on peoples info they can use to open credit or even enter the country illegally!

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