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Is Social Networking a Positive or Negative on Society?

Is Social Networking a Positive or Negative on Society?Juror Caught Adding Female Defendant to Facebook Friend's List

When Jonathan Hudson of Arlington, Texas sent a Facebook friend request to Courtney Downing, he probably didn’t realize that it would eventually result in four charges of contempt of court. At the time of the friend request, Hudson was taking a break from delivering pizzas to serve on a Texas jury. Courtney Downing happened to be the defendant in the case that concerned a 2008 car wreck and Hudson thought it would be a brilliant idea to befriend Downing on Facebook during the trial. Downing reported the friend request to her attorney and this led the judge to dismiss Hudson from the jury immediately. (Continue reading this story).

It seems that Social Networking has succeeded in invading every corner of our lives now. Depending on who you talk to that can be both a good and bad thing. I can remember watching cartoons like the The Jetsons as a kid and dreaming of when technology would give us cellphones and flying cars. I can also remember reading books by authors like H.G. Wells and hoping we never achieved our technology goals. Anything can be bad a thing in the wrong hands.

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