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Iranian TV: Facebook and Twitter Are Part of Jewish Plot

October 22, 2010

They are busy over there at Tebyan. What is Tebyan? This is from their “about” page:

Tebyan is a Cultural and Informative Institute. It was established as an independent legal entity affiliated to the “Islamic Propaganda Organization”. Its constitution was approved on 10th December 2001. The site was first presented on world wide web in 2002.

The Islamic Propaganda Organization is a real thing.  So, what would the aims and objectives of Tebyan be?

1. The institute wants to explain, develop and promote Islamic culture.

2. Educate the new generation religiously, socially and practically by the means of information technology.

So, they are kind of into monitoring “information technology.”  However, they are not big fan of Facebook.  Or Twitter.

The Lid explains the message of their latest video:

Facebook was created by a Jew with the explicit purpose of  helping the West (controlled by Israel) to spy on the Islamic Republic of Iran. Twitter has the same purpose.  As a matter of fact that is the way the Jews controlled the latest American Election.

Here is a somewhat longer version:

The video does reference the website, saying it “belongs to the American government.”  This could not be confirmed by The Blaze. The Blaze is not, that we know of, run by the governments of either Israel or the United States.

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