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If Credit Were Fashion, 666 Would Be The New Black!

666The New Credit Score Rules

The average credit score nationwide is 666, according to That's not only an ominous number, but can be a costly one.

Based on's data, the trend amongst lenders shows that a 660 credit score is the threshold to be approved for a mortgage, auto loan and unsecured credit card. Digging deeper into consumers' credit health, nearly 40% of consumers have a credit score below 660. That means 4 out of 10 Americans would likely be denied for a mortgage and auto loan, charged sky-high interest rates, and only qualify for a secured credit card. (Continue reading this story).

What happened to the "Summer of Recovery"? If the failing economy isn't enough for you, then the shear terror evoked by the number 666 should grab your attention long enough to realize that something is very rotten in Denmark! Despite the religious and prophetic implications of the number, the realistic view is that almost half of all Americans have such bad credit that they cannot qualify for a loan, or line of credit, even in an emergency situation. That is just astounding.

As much as the credit counselors encourage us all to cut up the credit cards and live on a cash only basis, good credit is essential when making large landmark life purchases like homes and cars. Unless you are a Millionaire, Cash might be King but You Rely on the Credit Queen to Buy what you Need! As long as you are responsible with your borrowing, basically the opposite of what the Federal Government does, then there is nothing wrong with incurring debt. That is as long as you know you will be capable of paying it back.

666It seems that brick by brick, slow and steady, one step at a time the Federal Government seems to making the American People dependent on the system. The amount of poor and middle-class families on the Food Stamp rolls, struggling out-of-work men and women clogging up the Unemployment Lines, and Homelessness rates skyrocketing as a result of Bank Foreclosures and Natural Disasters has silently made the American Sheeple dependent on the United States Government through Entitlement Programs and Unconstitutional Laws and Regulations (Patriot Act). What will this result in? The answer still remains to be seen, but you might want to remember the image of the Nazi's herding Jews into the death camps during the Holocaust when you go to the polls to VOTE and choose accordingly.

If you think the FEMA Camps (Overflow Camps) aren't coming, you're right, because they're already here! If you think the Class/Race War isn't coming, you're right, because it's already here! If you think Civil Unrest isn't being planned, you're right, because the American Fall has been scheduled for October 6th, 2011!

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Chester, PA 19022



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