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Husted: Balloon-boy saga inspires musical takeoff

"Balloon Boy! The Musical" gets a send-up on Written by Ben Greenman, it's smart and funnyso why doesn't the DCTC produce it?

The action begins when the ghosts of Joseph-Michel Montgolfier and Anna Nicole Smith visit Richard Heene one night, urging him take his son to the air. (Montgolfier and his brother invented a hot-air balloon in the 1700s; Smith invented herself.) She sings: "Nice to meet you, Richard Heene/ I'm wearing a bikini/ Like that girl in "I Dream of Jeannie"/ Nice to meet you, Richard Heene. . . . I like publicity/ That much is true/ But giant balloons/ Were my trademark too."

You get the idea.

After liftoff, the Heene character sings: "My son, balloon/ Backyard, wind, rope/ I fear, I cry/ I give up hope/ He just climbed in/ And off he floated/ This tragedy/ Must be promoted/ Call the papers! . . . This story has hooked/ Every woman and man/ Eff you, health care crisis/ And Afghanistan!"

Hey, they made a musical about the Bat Boy. And Heene was just on "Larry King Live." Anything is possible.


Source: denverpost

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