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Gov Rick Perry to Make Major Policy Address in #Pittsburgh #Pgh Friday

October 10, 2011

Rick Perry Rick Parry ColbertPACTexas Gov. Rick Perry to Make Major Policy Address in #Pittsburgh #Pgh Friday 

Texas Gov. Rick Perry plans to give his first major policy address of the Republican presidential campaign in Pittsburgh on Friday.

The time and location of the economic speech had not been announced, but it is believed Mr. Perry will first come to town Thursday night for a fundraiser in the Strip District. He will be in New Hampshire Tuesday night for a GOP debate at Dartmouth College.

A spokesman for Mr. Perry told MSNBC this morning that the address will be "a major pillar" of his jobs plan and will touch on energy issues and deregulation.

Chances are Perry will have a photo op at Pittsburgh's famous Primanti Bros while he is in town, but in reality if you want a chance to meet the Governor I would try someplace like Common Plea around dinner time. As far as I know he is not expected there, but it is where all the "important" people go to eat when they come to town. They catered Steelers Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's wedding afterall!

[via Pittsburgh Post Gazette]

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