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Global Warming Hoax

Global Warming Hoax is about change. Mostly climate change. It should be obvious to anyone that objectively looks at the data that our planet's climate changes. It changes often, it changes dramatically, and it often changes very quickly. We all know that weather changes, we make jokes about it. Climate is simply weather over time. Ask any geologist or paleontologist about climate change and you're very likely to get a much different answer than what you'll get if you ask a modern computer model crazed climatologist. Anyone that studies the history of this planet laughs at the notion that what little climate change our planet has experienced in the past 100 years is unusual. In fact on a geological time scale the changes we've seen are quite uneventful, to the point of not even being noteworthy to a paleontologist. is here to give you climate change perspective. We aren't going to try to convince you that change isn't happening, it is. We aren't going to tell you the earth hasn't recently warmed, because its possible that it has. We aren't even going to tell you that 'climate change' is some vast left wing conspiracy, though we will point out the self-interests of many who preach it. We are going to show you climate change from a historical perspective, a common sense perspective, and above all the perspective of dissenting scientists that dare to research natural causes of climate change. We may even point out from time to time the benefits of a warmer planet (yes, there are many). In short, climate change is real, everything happening has happened many times before and above all there are natural explanations for it. is funded by your donations and advertising. So far ExxonMobile (or any oil / energy company) hasn't contributed a dime but we would certainly welcome their contributions. It won't change our opinion one bit.

Above all WELCOME! We sincerely hope you spend some time reading through the material and watching the videos. It is our hope that take away some valuable information so that you can make a better informed decision about how you live your daily lives and who you elect to political office. So please, stop worrying and live your life knowing that every time you exhale you aren't harming the planet!

Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura – 1×3 – Is Global Warming a Hoax


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