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Glenn Beck in Wilmington Ohio

Glenn Beck in Wilmington Ohio

I went to 828 Restoring Honor Rally in Washingto DC and I had mixed feelings. The event was inspirational, but not because of Glenn but because of the people who atended. The event was so packed I couldn't even hear a word any of the speakers said until I returned home. So the content of 828 was different for me then the actual event that was overwhelmingly wonderful.

Having multiple sclerosis (ms) I just knew a trip to Wilmington, Ohio would be to hard on me. My condition has worsened since 828 and I doubt with the expense of Christmas I could have afforded the gas, let alone a hotel and in my condition sleeping in a car is just not an option. I really wish I could have been there.

Much like one of the women who spoke in the audience I was very interested in the prayer rooms. Funny part is that I am not a Christian and yet the concept of these rooms seem to just call to me. I think these rooms should be available all over the country. If they were I feel our lives would be better, no matter what our religion or political views.

I have been trying to downsize for the last year, well before Glenn announced he had the idea on his show. It is hard to do with little help. My kids help but both have disabilities of their own and I have two disabled nurdes who needed jobs that I hired to help that cannot always help with everything. They do a little at a time. Seems like it would be done but I really do have a lot of stuff. I have had two garage sales and put multiple things on eBay. Now I am just getting tired. Hope I just get through it this next year.

I was really inspired by Glenn's visit to Wilmington. I was not even going to put up a tree this year, but now we are getting it out this weekend. We are making many gifts this year and pledge to make a minimum of 50% of our gifts next year. I think we are getting on the right track one step at a time.



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