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Glenn Beck E4 Starts Today with The 7

As part of the new “E4” solution that Glenn announced on radio this morning, he discussed a new book, The 7: Seven Wonders That Will Change Your Life, that he has worked on with Dr. Keith Ablow, a man that Glenn described as one of the country’s “premiere psychiatric minds.”

Glenn described how the book tied into “E4”, “This is part enlightenment and part empowerment. It must begin with you, E-1 and E-3 of the E-4 solution. Unknown to most, I have been working with one of America’s premiere psychiatric minds. He’s a concerned citizen and a good friend, Dr. Keith Ablow. For over a year, we have been talking back and forth. We have been trying to understand the psyche of America. We have been trying to figure out how to get to the solution. And in a conversation that happened last spring between two friends, he asked me, ‘How did you do it? How did you go from miserable, hopeless, helpless, alcoholic to where you are today?’ I told him. He said, ‘Glenn, you are a case study.’ He said, ‘It’s with a every psychiatrist hopes their patients will hear and do and try.’”

Out of these conversations, Glenn and Dr. Ablow developed seven steps that Glenn knows will change the lives of those who read it and take its message to heart. Glenn said, “Together we have developed the seven steps that will help you change your life. I know because they’re the seven steps that I used to change my life.”

Glenn said that the book was not meant for those who were weak at heart or who wanted to continue to ignore the problems in the country and their personal lives. Glenn explained, “It is only meant for those who are tired, who are sick and tired, who will not take it anymore, they are at the position of life or death. I refuse to live this way anymore. You are tired of being less than happy, less than fulfilled, you want to be part of a life that is bigger than I promise you anything you can currently imagine. The 7.”

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