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Glenn Beck calls evolution 'ridiculous,' says he's never seen a half-human, half-monkey

Glenn Beck MonkeyGlenn Beck thinks the theory of evolution is a bunch of monkey business.

The wildly popular Fox News host Wednesday called the idea that humans evolved from primates "ridiculous."

While the deeply religious Beck denouncing evolution isn't a shock, his defense was a head-scratcher: "I haven't seen a half-monkey, half-person yet. Did evolution just stop?"

Glenn Beck 8/28 RallyScientists have shown humans and chimpanzees share roughly 96% of the same DNA. Chimps are classified as apes, not monkeys.

Beck, however, is only interested in what God has to say on the matter.

"I don't know how God creates. I don't know how we got here," Beck said. "If I get to the other side and God's like, 'You know what, you were a monkey once,' I'll be shocked, but I'll be like, 'Whatever.'"

Glenn Beck HitlerThe most recent polls on the debate show Beck is certainly not alone in his dismissal of evolution. More than 40% told a 2006 Pew survey that humans have only existed in our present form and of the 51% who did accept evolution, 21% said it was guided by a "supreme being."

CBS News' 2005 poll found more than 50% rejected evolution.

Beck equated the argument to global warming, which he says scientists, along with evolution, "force it down your throat."

"When anybody has to force it, that's a problem. You didn't have to force that the world is round. Truth is truth. You don't have to force the truth."

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