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Glenn Beck Announces the E4 Solution

Glenn started the year off by drawing a line in the sand. “It is a new year. It is a new attitude. Get out of the way. You’re either part of the problem or you’re part of the solution,” he declared.

In a manifesto directed to the American people, Glenn announced the “E4” solution, a philosophy that will be the driving force for his company, Mercury Radio Arts, and all of its divisions. Glenn said, “This company, these employees, I, will challenge myself, we will challenge each other, and then we will challenge those who choose to chart this course with us, to find out what we as individuals truly believe, challenge what we think we know, and to dig deep to find out what each one of us as individuals and as families are capable of.”

What is the “E4” solution? The “E4” solution is made up of four different “E’s”: Enlightenment, Education, Empowerment and Entrepreneurship. Through these different elements, Glenn believes that American citizens can find inner reserves of personal strength and American exceptionalism can be restored.

Glenn said that everything he does over the next year will tie into the “E4” solution. Radio, television, books, digital ventures and live events will all be guided by the philosophies of “E4”.

Glenn emphasized that this new direction was not only a new direction, but also a continuation of what has come before. Glenn has talked for months about preparation. In 2010, he encouraged people to restore their faith in God, clear out the clutter in their life, and build life rafts for their families through food storage. Glenn said:

This is a new course. It doesn’t mean we change course and eliminate all the other things that we’ve done. This means now what are you going to do besides hunker down? I’m not going to hunker down. I’m going to be prepared, but I’m not going to hunker down because somebody needs to restart the society, somebody needs to reboot the system, somebody needs to refound America and that somebody is me and you as individuals.

Glenn invited everyone to join him in this new direction, saying, “This is charting a course and using the heavens as our guide and charting a course boldly into the future. Come with me.”

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