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Get to Know Rosie O'Donnell's New Girlfriend

Noted tanning enthusiast Rosie O'Donnell was photographed in Miami Tuesday holding hands with a lady that is not her wife.

This comes after Ro spent all October saying her five-year marriage to Kelli Carpenter was not completely over—they were just "working on our issues"—only to reveal the following month that Kelli had actually moved out two years ago.

Now Rosie's moving on with Tracy Kachtick-Anders, a Texas-based artist, activist, single mother, inventor and all around nice lady. The two were first spotted out last month, and Rosie just confirmed to People they're dating. Apparently, they met through Rosie's blog when Tracy asked if she wanted to trade art.

It takes a kind of special person to deal with Ro, so let's see if Tracy sounds up to it. Here's what we know about her:

She's the mother of six. Her kids range in ages from 5 to 17 and come from a variety of backgrounds. Three are adopted, two are legal guardianships, one she gave birth to and most have some sort of special need (picture here!). Combined with Rosie's four children, that makes for a crazy big house.

She's an activist. Tracy founded the Open Arms Campaign, a nonprofit organization that recruits foster and adoptive families that targets the LGBT community. "I have become an activist and work to educate everyone not only about the plight of foster children, but also the inequality that faces LGBT people in their quest to create families," she writes.

She's an inventor. To help infants with special needs or acid reflux sleep, Tracy created the Sleep Tight Wedge.

She's a doula. If she can assist women through child birth, dealing with a Rosie tantrum should be easy.

She's an artist. Though she studied sculpture, painting's more her thing, but in an Examiner profile she says, "I don't take any of it too seriously." You can check out her artwork here.

In that same profile she also said, "Oh, and maybe for a future plan, I'd like a date with an inspiring woman!" And now she has! It's so perfect.

So do we think Rosie found a the right lady that can handle her big personality?

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