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LG G4 Wireless Charging Receiver Case #G4WCR

LG G4 Wireless Charging Receiver Case #G4WCRA quick overview of the things I adore about the LG G4 Wireless Charging Receiver Case:

  • the case is lightweight
  • the cutouts line up perfectly
  • the case has a beautiful look (I get a ton of compliments!)
  • the phone fits snugly in the case without reducing sound quality
  • the case provides a great deal of shock absorption
  • the view window is ideal for alarms and quick check of texts
  • the case provides a wireless charge

LG G4 Wireless Charging Receiver Case #G4WCRI LoVe my LG G4 with Qi Standard Wireless Charging and NFC smart sleep phone case. It is Slim, lightweight and form-fitted. Easy to put on and set up. It even has perfect cutouts for the camera, speakers and other ports.

The Circle case is specifically designed to protect the LG G4 at all angles. The TPU case features improved shock absorption on the top, bottom, and corners to effectively protect the LG G4 from external impact. The circle case is double layered with a TPU case and a polycarbonate hard case to provide additional protection in a form-fitted design. The case fits precisely onto the LG G4 for a natural and sleek look, and the speaker opening is specifically designed to fully utilize the speaker without reducing sound quality.

LG G4 Wireless Charging Receiver Case #G4WCRThis case supports QI wireless charging with the smart wake up/sleep view window, you could enjoy its convenience perfectly. The quick circle app worked perfectly and is really useful for checking the time or glancing at a new text/notification quickly.

With the charging pad, you will be able to wireless charge your G4 easily. Just lay the phone down on the pad, and to get it to charge properly, a correct placement is critical. the key to decent charge rates is to find the sweet spot where the receiver and transmitter align best. And once you make it right, it will work well. Its safe to leave on the pad overnight as well.


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