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Four Creative Ways to Wrap a Gift

The Yuletide season is right around the corner, and as people scrunch up their foreheads trying to come up with the perfect Christmas gift ideas, there are those who are scheming to make the wrapping of their present as special as the gifts they contain inside. Here we present a bunch of creative ways that you can use to wrap your Christmas gifts, and even presents outside the holiday season.

Personalize It

One of the best ways to make your Christmas gifts extra-special is to make sure that the packaging is personalized for the receiver. If the person likes sentimentality, create a photo collage by putting pictures of the two of you together and use that as the wrapper. If the gift receiver likes music, use music sheets. Those who love cooking will get a kick out of wrappers made of recipes. If the person likes to travel, use maps to wrap your gift in. If the person loves films, why not use a movie poster or two?

Laugh It Up

Don't you think it is a buzz kill to get a really goofy novelty gift for a person only to wrap it under a sedate, boring, traditional wrapper? You can do so much better than that! Use the Sunday comics to wrap the present in. Alternatively, you can place your Christmas gifts in oddly-shaped boxes and packaging to keep them guessing what's inside. You can also do the multiple boxes prank: put your gift into a gift box that fits just right. Next, put that box into a bigger box, and then put that box into an even bigger box. Use as many boxes as you want. Come Christmas, enjoy watching their facial expression as he or she wrestles with the multiple boxes your gift is wrapped in. Just make sure that recipient has a sense of humor!

Make Gift Certificates Fun

Sometimes we really are stuck for inspiration in our gift giving. Perhaps the recipient wants for nothing, or they are just very choosy. Either way, an option many turn to is the humble gift certificate. Giving someone gift certificates doesn't have to be as dry as just simply handing the envelope to him or her. Make your gift fun! For example, roll the coupon and insert it into a balloon which you will then inflate. Hide it with a bunch of other balloons and tell the recipient to pop these to get his or her present.

Put The Gift Inside a Gift

Use another gift item, like a towel or a Christmas stocking, to wrap your actual gift. You can even make a theme out of it, like using an apron to hide your kitchen gadget present. Alternatively, you can use your Christmas gifts to decorate other presents, like encircling flowers with a ring, bracelet, or necklace.

Wrapping Christmas gifts can be just as fun as the shopping and the giving of the presents themselves. Try these ideas out and you and your family and friends will surely have a blast as you exchange gifts.


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