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Fortress Fury by XREAL #FUNDtheFURY

fortressfury fortress fury furry mobile video game appHoward Marks (founder of Activision and Acclaim Games) and Jordan Maron, AKA CaptainSparklez, (a YouTube sensation with more than 9 million subscribers) have started a new mobile gaming company named XREAL! This innovative  new company has had great success with the release of its first mobile game app , Fortress Fury. They have had almost two million downloads in the first two months!

I was offered the unique opportunity to play the Fortress Fury by XREAL mobile videogame app in exchange for sharing my honest opinion on my experiences. Being that I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis (MS) it is difficult for me to play fast-paced competitive games because of the neuropathy in my hands; so I let some of my friends and family play too!

xreal fortress fury moble app video game videogame screenshotMost people referred to this action-packed tower building mobile game as "Angry Birds on Crack"! The Fortress Fury by XREAL pits a player's skills and strategies against other online fighters making the age disclaimer/rating/warning well within where it should be. The game is very difficult to get started, but gets addictive as you delve farther in. If you are a competitive person you'd most likely find this game easy after the initial set-up.

You can HELP take Fortress Fury by XREAL to the next level!

fundthefury fund the fury crowd fundingWith the success of the game, Howard Marks and Jordan Maron now have their eyes set on a much sweeter prize: capturing and developing the mobile eSports market before anyone else! To do it, they have launched an equity crowdfunding campaign through StartEngine.

Crowdfunding, as you may know, trades rewards – often in the form of prototypes or products. Equity crowdfunding allows investors to purchase stock within a company, in exchange for a stake in that company’s future earnings. It’s very similar to an IPO on a smaller scale, and it is an investment opportunity that is available to anyone. For more information and a chance to get in on the ground floor, check out their campaign page.


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