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Flustered Herman Cain Struggles to Answer Libya Question During Interview

November 14, 2011

Herman CainThe Herman Cain campaign seems to be in crisis mode as Cain’ s wife has emerged from silence to support the candidate against infectious sexual harassment allegations to new polls showing a surge in support for Newt Gingrich, taking the short-lived role Cain had as the chief opponent to the GOP presidential primary frontrunner Mitt Romney.

Cain has appeared to suffer another blow today, as the candidate has been heavily criticized in the media for an odd video interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that shows Cain stumbling while answering a question about President Obama’s handling of Libya. (Continue reading this story).

Look, realistically the only way to beat Obama is if Cain wins the nomination. That might not be politically correct to say but Obama's camp knows it's true and the sooner people on the Anti-Obama side starts accepting that their best chance is with Cain the better off they will be. I think we will still be looking at an Obama Free White House if Newt takes the reigns and Cain sits second seat, but the road will be bumpier along the way.

I am not a "supporter", being that I am a registered democrat I cannot even vote in the primaries. I do feel I have a vested interest in the outcome though because I do not want four more years of false hope and no change!

As much as I would love to see Ron Paul leading the charge and getting America back on track I truly believe his calling is to fully dismantle the Federal Reserve and run the U.S. Treasury.

Do you know who you're voting for? Who do you think can beat Obama?

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