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Florida Likely to Hold January 31 Primary

September 28, 2011

Florida PrimaryFlorida Likely to Hold January 31 Primary

State House Speaker Dean Cannon revealed to CNN Tuesday that officials are likely to choose Jan. 31 as the date for the state's 2012 presidential primary--in direct violation of Republican National Committee rules. Florida's decision will likely spur a land rush among other early voting states to move the timing of their own contests forward in an already front-loaded GOP primary schedule.

Cannon said the members of the state commission in charge of primary scheduling  "are expecting to meet on Friday from 11 to 12, and I expect that they will pick January 31 as Florida's primary date."

The move is part of Florida's plan to hold the fifth primary nominating contest of 2012. The state pulled off the same move in 2008 as it sought to move toward the front of the scrum of early primary states--even at the price of losing delegates at the 2008 nominating convention. (Continue reading this story).

I think Florida is just hungry for the limelight again. Long gone are the days of the "hanging chad" and now everyone's new baby smell state's are places like Ohio and Pennsylvania. Florida just wants to be the center of attention again and so the will cry and whine until someone listens. Hopefully, like many good parents of multiple children, we will not reward their behavior and ignore their antics showing them that they will not be praised for acting out.

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