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Finally BBC asks: are we maybe a bit biased on ‘climate change’?

At last. The BBC Trust – the BBC’s governing body – is to launch a review of its science coverage, especially regarding “climate change”. (Hat tip: Yaosxx)

The review comes after repeated criticism of the broadcaster’s handling of green issues. It has been accused of acting like a cheerleader for the theory that climate change is a man-made phenomenon.

Critics have claimed that it has not fairly represented the views of sceptics of the widely-held belief that humans are responsible for environmental changes such as global warming.

Knowing what we do about the BBC, I’m sure the review’s considered conclusion after a careful ignoring of all the relevant facts will be that the Pope most certainly isn’t Catholic, and that in no wise are bears guilty of sub-arboreal defecation. But just in case the BBC is interested in having a full-on, Caliban-style bit of self-examination in the glass, the excellent website Biased BBC has an abundance of useful leads.

For example, there’s this from a recent edition of the children’s news programme Newsround, explaining – just in case kids got any funny ideas to the contrary – that the current snow showers are nothing to celebrate but are in fact yet another sure sign of man’s evil.

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