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Ethan Hawke , the Hollywood's Renaissance man

Ethan Hawke, the famed American actor, writer as well as ace film director of the Hollywood movies, has recently been quoted as Hollywood's Renaissance man by the Los Angeles times.

 Actually the ace actor has received this seemingly weird tag attached with his name because of his new thriller flick which is about to come to the theaters in a short while. The actor has been involved in many breakthrough roles in some hit flicks throughout his career. To name a few- Alive, A Midnight Clear, Dead Poet's Society, Before Sunset, River Phoenix etc.

Very recently the Los Angeles Times catches this first rate actor and director of the Hollywood movies in the ballroom of the SLS Hotel which is situated in Los Angeles. The Hollywood film veteran was spotted sporting a light brown three piece suit during the event while he was in the mid of the process of promoting, "Day breakers", his upcoming flick. The film is going to be around 90 minutes in its usual length.

The Los Angeles times had tried to be up close and a bit personal with the veteran actor who is in the later half of his thirties. However the effort did not at all meet with failure. Some crucial facts were revealed about the upcoming venture of Ethan Hawke. He was seemingly enthusiastic and in lofty fervor while making comments over it.

Los Angeles Times came up with the revelation that this forthcoming 90 minute flick is actually a high end thriller. The film is actually written as well as directed by Michael and Peter Spierig. The most notable thing about this duo director is that they both are siblings. Before venturing into this breathtaking flick that casts Ethan Hawke they director duo has even been associated with a film like 'Undead'.

Ethan Hawke revealed a portion of the story to the Los Angeles times. The story revolves round a virus that sweeps round the earth and it turns people into vampires whoever comes into its contact. Human race comes almost on the verge of extinction. In this film Ethan Hawke would be featured as a famous vampire scientist Edward Dalton. While asked to say what is so special about the film, this is what the veteran actor had to say out of good humor- "It's a post-adolescent vampire film".


Source: New Kerala

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