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Distinction without Indifference: Gay Marriage

Distinction without Indifference: Gay Marriage

Census released a disturbing report today about the drop in marriage rates. While the reporter covering this story linked the trend to the recession, I have to wonder about the timing of the article. Could it really be a coincidence that this story was released amidst a fire storm of hot button issues such as “don’t ask, don’t tell”?

As we move closer to the elites plan of a New World Order it is appalling to see the progress they have made in the destruction of the family unit. While I personally believe marriage can be just as meaningful between Adam and Steve as it is between Adam and Eve much of the country doesn’t agree.

The bottom line is if the government itself stayed out of our bedrooms the issue of Gay Marriage would be a thing of the past for us all. The tedious and seemingly unending arguments seem to be powered by the word more then the institution itself. Have you ever looked to see the difference in definition of the word marriage amongst the government vs. the church? This creates the problem and it is a very easy fix.

If the government would just stop using the word marriage all together much of the arguments over this issue would disappear over night. After all most people do not have any issue with two people of the same sex being together if they don’t call it marriage. Isn’t marriage an issue for the church anyway? When did the government get to decide what the church will and will not recognize?

So there it is. An easy fix. Abolish the word marriage on all government documents and choose a term that will apply to any and all love unions for which the government wants to give perks to or the insurance companies want to distribute discounts and coverage to. Seems simple doesn’t it? Of course then what would we all argue about?


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