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Did Norah O‘Donnell Call Christine O’Donnell a ‘Freak Show?’

NewsBusters sets up the clip this way:

On today’s Morning Joe, MSNBC “correspondent” Norah referred to the Delaware Senate candidate as a “freak show.”

Norah‘s nasty gibe was a segue off Mike Barnicle’s observation that people were fascinated by the miner rescue story because, amidst all the artifice of politics and culture, it was something real.

However, the comment may not be that clear cut. It appears the Norah initially described the entire race as a freak show. However, her comments and reaction afterward raise questions as to whether the statement might have been directed at Christine in particular:

Norah and Christine are not related. At least Christmas won‘t be awkward in the O’Donnell house.

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