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Dental Fillings and Mercury? Vaccines and Mercury? Autism and Mercury?

I went to the dentist this week and had some work done. I don't remember anyone asking me if it was okay if they put any mercury in my mouth. I am one of those people that avoids vaccines, won't drink tap water, and only eats free range fish so why would I agree to put Mercury in my teeth? I wouldn't.

Upon arriving home I was shocked to learn that my Dental Fillings were being being linked to unhealthy Mercury Level by the Food and Drug Administration. Well now wait a moment. Linked? Unhealthy level? What the heck is a healthy level, and why the hell was I no informed about any level at all?!?!?!

The FDA currently states that mercury fillings are safe.  An advisory panel will meet this week to reexamine the basis of the investigation. Amalgam, the primary ingredient in fillings, releases high levels of mercury vapor.

Documents released ahead of the advisory meetings Tuesday and Wednesday indicate that "they're certainly digging into the science," said Charles Brown, an attorney for Consumers for Dental Choice.  "But I just don't know if they can stand up and say to the FDA staff that you've been wrong for the last 25 years."

Brown's group is one of many that sued the FDA about mercury in dental fillings and asked to agency to look again. The advisory committee will discuss technical questions about mercury exposure and the effects on humans.

If the FDA determines that amalgam fillings pose a risk, millions of people would have to decide whether to have them removed and, if so, how to pay for that. Either way I might get all mine ripped out, but who know what they are putting in dentures.

The reason most people object to Vaccines is the link between the Mercury in Vaccines and Autism. if Mercury is in Dental Fillings...

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