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Denise Richards Dishes Up Dirt on Charlie Sheen

38-year old sultry actress Denise Richards became infuriated when the paparazzi hounded her even in a park with their cameras rolling. She was accused of courting the media and winning the support of tabloid to consolidate her standing against husband Charlie Sheen.

But the allegation has left the lady in fury and she vented her anger on her twitter account. “For all the negative nellies out there, I DID not have a fucking photo-op with my kids at a park. When there is a drama u get followed more,”  she wrote.

The hullaballoo started after she was photographed in a park where she had gone for a walk along with her toddlers Sam (5 year old) and Lola Rose (4 year old). Accusations soon began that she was inciting the media towards her side but she denied all such rumours. “Sorry had to vent shit, pisses me off sometimes. One day.. I will spill my guts about EVERYTHING.” She tweeted rubbishing all allegations.

We wonder, what ‘EVERYTHING’  has she got up her sleeves! So, will she show up her cards? She sounds like she, surely, has an ace up there.

Source: ShowBiz

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