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Defense Cuts Could Mean The Draft

September 22, 2011

The DraftDefense Cuts Could Mean Draft

The House Armed Services Committee chairman is warning that further reductions to projected defense spending could make a military career so unattractive that it would force the Pentagon to revive the draft.

Rep. Howard "Buck" McKeon, R-Calif., suggested that spending cuts beyond the $350 billion that President Barack Obama and Congress agreed to in the debt accord this past summer could force the military to slash the number of service members, now some 2.3 million, including National Guard and reserves.

A special bipartisan committee is trying to come up with $1.5 trillion in spending cuts from all government spending. If it fails, or if Congress rejects its proposal, automatic cuts of $1.2 trillion would kick in, with half coming from defense.

The Draft"We also need to understand what it's going to mean to keep an all-volunteer force. Do we want to re-institute the draft? Some of the cuts we're talking about would take over 200,000 out" McKeon said Monday in an interview with Fox News.

The military draft ended in 1973 as the U.S. switched to an all-volunteer force after the Vietnam War. In the decades since, some in Congress have suggested reviving the draft, but the Pentagon has rejected the idea and efforts have gone nowhere with Republicans or Democrats. (Continue reading this story).

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I don't think there is anyway the American People will let this happen.

Looks like their may be a population explotion in Canada soon if this goes through!