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Couch Potatoes Rejoice, or Not!

Couch PotatoCouch Potatoes Missing Exercise Gene  

People who are reluctant to exercise could be missing key genes that control muscle protein, In tests on mice, researchers from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, found that removing the genes that control the AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) left the rodents unable to run as fast as their healthy counterparts. AMPK is "switched on" with exercise and allows muscles to take up glucose. (Continue reading this story).

Look, I am all for finding ways to lose weight easier and at a faster pace, but can we not agree that "discoveries" like this are really excuses to remain fat? I go up and down in weight according to my health and the medications I choose to take. My Multiple Sclerosis (MS) causes me days when the idea of exercise has me wanting to take up target practice in spin class! Just like most women, naturally born "skinny" girls irritate me when I am bloated and I cry with the "fat" girls when someone hurts my feelings. It's all superficial and silly but social and health conscious so no matter what it's a double edged sword! Even with ALL that cRaZy I still refuse to blame my weight, be it up or down, on my DNA!

If you want to blame your round face, short legs, course hair, or blue eyes on your "Genes" that is one thing. Goodness knows I do it all the time! But your laziness is no one's fault other than your own. I don't care what any scientist or doctor says!

Seeings as that I am already in the realm of Politically Incorrect, when did it become "cute" to use the word "phat" instead of "fat"? I know the craze started with Mo'Nique, but like many bbw's she is proud to be a bigger woman and not ashamed to admit that exercise is rarely on her menu! I think it is about time we grew up in America and stopped blaming others for our ills. If we want to get back to #1 then we need to grow a thicker skin and learn to look at ourselves in the mirror. If we cannot be honest with ourselves, why should anyone else take us seriously?

Do you think "fat" can be genetic?
(And I'm NOT talking about that pesky last 10lbs.).

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