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Cops Made Tiger Woods Lift Shirt As They Looked For Injuries

Tiger Woods showed off his chest, back and arms to Florida State Troopers during his meeting with the cops several days after he crashed his SUV. That fascinating detail had never before been revealed, and was broken by WESH, NBC station in Orlando.

According to the station's news report, the body inspection took place December 1 when Woods met with the FHP to pay his $164 careless driving ticket.

While previous reports said Woods' only visible injury that day was a "fat lip," according to a FPL spokeswoman, the new report reveals that cops took a much closer look and explains why they also said that the golfer had "no other injuries and no reason to believe he was the victim of domestic violence."

Tiger and wife Elin Nordegren are believed to have had a huge fight Thanksgiving night before he stormed out of the house.

Since then a parade of women have come forward with stories of affairs with Tiger.

As 2009 came to a close, AT&T became the latest sponsor to end a relationship with Tiger.  The company follows Accenture, General Motors, Gatorade, Tag Heuer and Golf Digest in down-grading or completing terminating deals with Woods.

Source: Radar

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