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Collective Unconscious WARNING for The Rally to Restore Sanity Fear Rally

Crowd psychology is a branch of social psychology. Ordinary people can typically gain direct power by acting collectively. Historically, because large groups of people have been able to bring about dramatic and sudden social change in a manner that bypasses established due process, they have also provoked controversy. Social scientists have developed several different theories for explaining crowd psychology, and the ways in which the psychology of the crowd differs significantly from the psychology of those individuals within it. Carl Jung coined the notion of the Collective Unconscious.

If planning to attend today's Jon Stewart Stephen Colbert Rally for Sanity and/or Fear be aware of the dangers involving the Collective Unconscious. Many who will be in attendance have severe or extreme political view points and it will be easy to be swept up into the sorts of mob mentality that have turned violent and even faal in the past.

It was proven back in August of 2010 that large groups could congregate without violence when the overall tone was peaceful and non-political. This occurred at the Glenn Beck Sarah Palin 8/28 Rally to Restore Sanity. Although protesters were scattered about the crowd there was not one arrest as the outcome of this rallies attendance.

Because the hosts of today's rally appeal to a wide range of political thinkers the probability of violence erupting are much greater then that of a typical protest scene. Given the current frustration with governmental action and inaction it will be easy for the Collective Unconscious to lash out whether the cause is just or not. It is important to be aware of this impending possibility so as that if you are strong willed you can remove yourself from the crowd to a place of safety.

It is of course smarter not to attend large gatherings with a predisposed assumption of violence, however not everyone is capable of making such astute decisions. It is a powerful sales technique to provide the customer, or in this case viewer, a sense of urgency to provoke them to act. When the television comedians hosting today's event created that urgency they unknowingly caused a group of conflicting personalities and viewpoints to want to converge on the same place at the same time all equaling a recipe for Collective Unconscious to run rampant, turn violent, and thus end in disaster.

The cameras will surely never or rarely show the resulting negative effects to save face in the media. It will be the individual who suffers the consequences of this irresponsible action.

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