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Charlie Sheen Withdraws Lawsuit Against Capri Anderson

August 3, 2011

Charlie SheenCharlie Sheen Withdraws Lawsuit Against Capri Anderson

Charlie Sheen has withdrawn his lawsuit against Capri Anderson, the adult film star whom he claimed tried to extort him after their encounter at the Plaza Hotel last fall, The Associated Press reports.

Anderson had sued Sheen, claiming he choked her on that raucous night, during which he allegedly caused $7,000 worth of damage and was later hospitalized. Sheen counter-sued, accusing Anderson of extortion and claiming that she had stolen a $165,000 watch that night and then locked herself in the bathroom. Each has denied the other's claims.

The case was dismissed without prejudice, which means the actor could re-file.

Being that there has been no official statement released as to why Charlie Sheen dropped the case one has to assume one of two reasons;

1. Charlie Sheen did not have enough evidence to move forward and thus realized he would lose in court further embarrassing himself and possibly further damaging his career. or

2. Charlie Sheen is being pressured to abandon the case by way of threat to his career, family, or other personal importance.

I am guessing number two. This has been the pattern in the past when Charlie Sheen started speaking out at colleges and large forums about 9/11 Truth and his belief that the United States Government was involved with the attack and/or at the very least a cover-up after the fact. Charlie Sheen's problems intensified after his increased appearances on Alex Jones radio show infowars.

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