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Cellphones - Pocket Sized CIA Tracking Device

November 13, 2010

Cellphones - Pocket Sized CIA Tracking Device

Cellphone CIA Tracking DeviceSmart phones do many things these days: surf the Internet, send e-mail, take photos and video (and — oh, yes — send and receive calls). But one thing they can do that phone companies don't advertise is spy on you. As long as you don't leave home without your phone, that handy gadget keeps a record of everywhere you go — a record the government can then get from your telephone company.

The future is going to be portable, personal tracking devices. As we can already see with the GPS tracking watches and cell phones, the technology is making great strides toward becoming more and more consumer friendly. It is being packaged and delivered in a way that is very palatable for consumers and this means that tracking devices are going to be here for a very long time and in many different forms.

The scariest form we hear about is the RFID implantable microchip. While the prevalent Christian majority in America has fought off this advancement citing binary codes equivalence with the mark of the beast be assured that with medical breakthroughs of RFID restoring sight and tracking Alzheimer patients humans are not far from lining up to accept their doom.

It is time to embrace the fact that everything from the chip in our driver's license to the cell phone in our pockets is a CIA tracking device beyond anything the science fiction writers of yesterday could even imagine.

For me I do not except that being tracked in this manner is the only answer. I carry a photocopy of my ID and leave the real one at home in a safe. I have elected not to own a cell phone, and if I do carry one for emergencies I disconnect the battery entirely not just turn it off until it needs to be in use. The GPS on my car has been removed and I do not subscribe to OnStar or any other tomtom type system.

Even with all my precautions the big brother cameras on every street corner still track me with facial recognition and other tracking technology. Even for those people who escape off the grid the government is waiting until they slip just a little to zoom in on their co-ordinance and move in for the... you get the point.

Could you live without your cellphone?
How would you feel if the CIA showed up at your door?
Would you take a RFID microchip?

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