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#Blockit RFID Blocking Sleeves - Jungle Bling

#Blockit RFID Blocking Sleeves - Jungle Bling I hope you have never had to deal with Identity Theft. I have, in multiple ways...

I have had my SSN used, my Credit Cards stolen, my kids have had entire credit files opened under their names, I have even had someone get an ID and write checks in my name! Even worse then the theft itself is the clean up. No one will help you! Don't think those Identity Protection Companies are gonna save you, or credit card insurance, because the hoops and tricks they dilly-dally with are another theft in themselves!

It is up to you to protect yourself!

  • -SHRED Everything!
  • -PROTECT ALL IDs, Credit Cards, and other Cards with a Magnetic Strip (or chip) by Keeping them in an RFID Blocking Sleeve (I recommend Blockit RFID Blocking Sleeves)
  • -NEVER eMail Sensitive Information!
  • -Clear Your Log-ins and Passwords
  • -Use Passwords that are NOT Easy to Guess!
  • -Check ALL Your Statements (Bank, Credit Card, etc)
  • -Monitor Your Credit Report (CreditKarma is a Good Place to Start!)

#Blockit RFID Blocking Sleeves - Jungle BlingIf you have tips I'd love to hear them, feel free to leave me a comment!

Had I been using Blockit RFID Blocking Sleeves when I was enjoying an evening at the Bowling Ally I would have never lost my life savings! We were celebrating my grandson's birthday (this was three years ago) and I had no idea a criminal was walking thru the room with a device that could collect my cards numbers from just a few feet away.

The next morning I went to buy coffee and my card was declined. Thousands gone. The card company never did return my money (NEVER use pre-paid cards to save LARGE amounts of cash). I've never fully recovered from that.

Having Blockit RFID Blocking Sleeves instantly makes me FEEL SAFE AND SECURE! When you BUY these remarkably Cute and Stylish Credit Card Sleeves, mine are from the Jungle Bling collection, you're protected from SKIMMING and DIGITAL PICKPOCKETING as soon as you put your cards into the sleeves!

Almost ALL Credit, Debit and ID cards have an RFID Chip embedded with YOUR financial and personal info that thieves can steal in seconds. It's called SKIMMING or DIGITAL PICKPOCKETING! Anyone can Capture Your Information Using a $50 Digital Scanner Bought on Ebay, and that can cost you thousands, just like it cost me! What's worse is that the thieves can Steal Data Right off your Card, while it's tucked away safely in your wallet or purse, but if you have Blockit RFID Blocking Sleeves they're... BLOCKED!

I received a complimentary sample of Blockit RFID Blocking Sleeves from the Jungle Bling collection in return for sharing my story and so I would NEVER be a HELPLESS VICTIM of Identity Theft and Credit Card Fraud again!

I LoVe my Blockit RFID Blocking Sleeves from the Jungle Bling collection because;

  • - easy to use
  • - well made
  • - cute designs to choose from
  • - proven to work
  • - gives me a feeling of security


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