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Bill Clinton Jokes During OH Rally: I Want Credit for Baby’s Birth

Bill ClintonTired of being pregnant? Want the baby to come sooner rather than later? Bill Clinton has a remedy: take a picture with him.

Just ask Congressman John Boccieri and his wife. During a rally in Ohio this weekend, Boccieri ran off stage when he heard his wife was going into labor. Clinton, the guest speaker, explained it’s just a day in the life of the former president.

“You’d be amazed how many times I take a picture with a very pregnant woman and then she immediately gives birth,” he joked. He then had a request for the soon-to-be-born baby’s grandparents: “I’d like some credit for your fifth grandchild being brought into the world.”

Still not done with the quips, Clinton went on to introduce political pre-destination: “We got another Democrat. I wish we could register that baby before it’s too late.”

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