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Seem Like a Cool Product for the Zombie Apocalypse! #bibberbuddy

Alcohol Waste is Strictly Prohibited with the Bibber BuddyEven though the Bibber Buddy is designed to carry and conceal alcohol I would throw a few of these babies in my camping kit, a few more in my long term food storage unit, and even more in my 72 hour kits and B,O,B,s! The construction of the Bibber Buddy is ideal for storing water, or electrolyte beverages, in an emergency type situation.

I was due to receive a Bibber Buddy in exchange for my honest review on the product, however; no product ever arrived. I still believe in the Bibber Buddy, and although I have not been able to review one personally I would say it seems to be a rather well made product with many various uses. If one does arrive I will both update this entry and write a full review in the future.

Alcohol Waste is Strictly Prohibited with the Bibber BuddyThe Bibber Buddy Concealed Alcohol Carrying Kit is an all in one way to carry your favorite beverages anywhere you'd like. You can avoid paying those ridiculous prices at concerts, cruises, and other events with the Bibber Buddy Kits, because it looks like you are just bringing in simple tap water.

These Kits have it all!

The Large 32oz flasksmake it easy for you to keep large stocks of your choice of booze on the longest of cruises or outings, while the smaller 8oz flasks make it easy to carry around enough of your favorite drink to keep the buzz going.

Alcohol Waste is Strictly Prohibited with the Bibber BuddyAlcohol Waste is Strictly Prohibited with the Bibber Buddy! Bibber Buddy flasks are made with 100% food grade, BPA free material so that none of your favorite drink will change in taste or quality while inside. Bibber Buddy flasks are also leak- proof and puncture resistant ,making them super durable for any rough seas or bumpy rides they may encounter. Bibber buddies can also be filled easily with your favorite Kool-Aid, juice, or water not just your favorite alcoholic beverage.

Alcohol Waste is Strictly Prohibited with the Bibber BuddyIf You can Think it, You can Fit it! Packed suitcases, small purses, pants pockets, underneath shirts or pants...the variation in size and flexible material of Bibber Buddy Flasks make them able to fit and transport virtually anywhere.

When you get your Bibber Buddy Kit, just wash it out with warm water, let it dry out over night, then fill it with your favorite beverage and pack it away for whatever adventure you might be going on.


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