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Linkyo Kitchen Knife Sharpener #B00VSDUCW4

Linkyo Kitchen Knife Sharpener #B00VSDUCW4Three (3) Stage Linkyo Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Sharpening and maintaining your knives is easy with the LINKYO 3-Stage Knife Sharpening System! Made of stainless steel and nestled into a non-slip ABS plastic base, the sleek streamlined design fits into the décor of any kitchen. Beautiful and practical, this is a perfect gift for yourself, or for the cook in your life! Our 3-Stage sharpening system allows you to quickly and safely sharpen dull or damaged knives, then easily maintain those edges to keep your blades sharp longer. Preset angles ensure the perfect edge every single time! Simply insert the knife blade into the V-shaped slots at a 90 degree angle to the table, and pull the blade straight back towards you while applying firm light pressure.

Linkyo Kitchen Knife Sharpener #B00VSDUCW4STAGE 1 uses coarse-grind diamond abrasives to reshape and rejuvenate damaged or extremely blunt edges. This stage should only be used for exceptionally dull knives. 
-   STAGE 2 uses medium-grind diamond abrasives to sharpen knives with moderately dull edges. This stage is the beginning stage for most of your knife sharpening projects. 
 -  STAGE 3 uses a zirconia ceramic wheel to polish, hone and finish the edge. This is the finishing stage for all your knife sharpening projects. Keep your knives sharp longer by running them through Stage 3 after each time you use them! Perfect for light touch-ups to an already-sharp knife.

Linkyo Kitchen Knife Sharpener #B00VSDUCW4All LINKYO products are backed with a rock-solid No-Risk 2-Year 100% Quality Guarantee!   

*Measures 7.1 (L) x 2.3 (H) x 1.9(W) inches
* Designed for straight-edged blades only. Not for use on scissors or serrated edges.
* Clean with a damp cloth after each use and towel dry. Do not put the sharpener in the dishwasher!

When my daughter went thru Culinary School she brought home beautiful knives all the time. I now have an extraordinary set, but I notice that well made cutlery needs maintenance to remain useful.

It was amazing to me how well the Three (3) Stage Linkyo Kitchen Knife Sharpener revived my kitchen ware! It was like I went through a cooking course myself, the way the sharp blades were letting me show off my fancy knife skills! My hubby was so impressed that he swiped the sharpener and started getting creative (watch video).

I received a complimentary Three (3) Stage Linkyo Kitchen Knife Sharpener in return for sharing how well it worked for me.


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