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Artie Lange's Suicide Attempt: Howard Stern P'd Off!

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Artie Lange’s hospitalization landed in New York Post’s page 6, divulging information to the world Artie stabbed himself 9 times in attempted suicide.  Fortunately surgeons were able to save his life.

Howard Stern however is not too happy about the exposure of Artie’s suicide attempt.  Although Stern was trying to keep matters about Artie private, he spoke out Thursday night regarding Artie’s exposed situation to the public:

"I would love to know who the scumbag is who releases that to the press, because this is a private matter," Stern said. "I don't know what to say. I work with Artie, I love Artie. Everyone has their demons, including myself, but he's wrestling with some serious stuff ... When I heard the news it was too much to bear."

 "I'm p-ed off the story got out there, p-ed off at the s--thead who got paid 10 bucks to talk to Page Six ...This is a family matter. I don't know what to do. I don't know what to say."

 The New York Post posted an article today from an October interview with Artie Lange.  In the interview Artie speaks out about his life and stuggles with addiction.  But more what’s sad is, Artie said, “I have so much to live for.” 

Something within Artie must have changed between then and now, or he was trying to convince himself that everything would be o.k., and he could get through his pain and struggles.  Obviously his life battles took the best of him.

Source: Gather News

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