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Ardent NPR Defenders Receive Soros Funding Too

The Daily Caller has done some investigative work and found that some of the most vocal supporters of the Juan Williams firing from NPR are part of organizations that receive Soros funding. Soros is a supporter of NPR, recently donating $1.8 million to the publicly-funded radio outlet.

Among the vocal NPR supporters receiving funding are:

  • New America Foundation
  • The Free Press
  • New America Media

“NPR saw supporters come out of the woodwork to decry right-leaning calls for the radio company to be stripped of government financial support,” the DC’s Jeff Winkler writes. “Interestingly, many of those who voiced their opinion that NPR should keep its government provided cash happen to receive funds from the same source: liberal financier George Soros and his Open Society Institute.”

Read the entire article from the Daily Caller.

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