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Eye Wrinkle Cream by #AndreLorent

Eye Wrinkle Cream by #AndreLorent I received a complimentary sample of Eye Wrinkle Cream by Andre Lorent in return for sharing what I like about the product. It is very hydrating, which is wonderful in the summer heat, and refreshing! I've noticed fine lines disappearing and sagging skin tightening as I use it as well!

It smells great, like spring in a bottle, a great way to enjoy the season all year 'round! The phenomenal list of ingredients in this product makes the perfect cocktail for beauty!


  • - Corrects Wrinkle
  • - Moisturizing
  • - Skin Firming
  • - Full of Antioxidants
  • - Photo-Protection (stimulates contraction of collagen fibres and protects the skin support tissue)
  • - Skin Plumping Agent


  • - Cancer Fighting Agents
  • - Weight Loss Attributes 
  • - Anti-Aging Agents
  • - Slows Down the Aging Process (The Fountain of Youth)

Shea Butter

  • - Moisturizing Properties
  • - Reduces Inflammation
  • - Skin Smoothing

Aloe Vera Leaf Juice

  • - Removes Toxins
  • - Supports Your Immune System
  • - Multiple Vitamins & Minerals
  • - Hydrates Your Skin
  • - Reduces Acne & Blemishes

Jojoba Seed Oil

  • - Works as a Deep Moisturizer
  • - Wrinkle Remedy
  • - Cure for Acne
  • - Anti Inflammatory
  • - A Facial Cleanser
  • - Hydrate the Skin

It's obvious that if you choose Eye Wrinkle Cream by Andre Lorent you will experience a significant visible reduction of crow's feet, fine lines, laugh lines and sagging skin around and under eyes. I know my eyes appear fresh and rejuvenated after I use it. The long term benefit is skin that is hydrated, healthy, plump and youthful in appearance...

who wouldn't want that?!?!


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