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Do NOT Take This Product if You Have MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS). Product Contains High Levels of Zinc.

If you are looking for a way to take your vitamins without the hassle of swallowing a pill then alternaVites might be right for you. The powdered flavor crystals deliver a large amount of nutrients in a small easy to take package. That is where the good point of the alternaVites end.

While the Mixed Berry alternaVites was edible it was far from delicious. The powder left a strong after taste and a feeling of film coating on the tongue. The individual packages were difficult to open and the contents was hard to contain. The alternaVites has warnings available on the box, however even with the excessive level of Zinc equaling 20mg/133% there is NO WARNING FOR MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS (MS) Patients or warnings about ZINC POISONING. 


alternaVites was developed because no one needs another pill, tablet or capsule when it comes to vitamins.  The world doesn’t need another vitamin, it needs a breakthrough vitamins.  As there are over 100 million Americans that have difficulty swallowing pills (of which I am one), alternaVites lets you keep the vitamins while losing the pill.   Unlike anything else currently on the market, alternaVites multivitamin & mineral crystals contain 23 essential nutrients that are simply sprinkled on your tongue as they then dissolve in seconds. Whats more? alternaVites tastes delicious (mixed berry flavor), has no aftertaste, requires no water or preparation, and are packaged in daily dose packets for convenience and portability. 

Using a proprietary blend of ingredients, the alternaVitesä formula meets or exceeds that of leading national brands on the market.  

And alternaVites is just as remarkable for what it doesn’t contain as for what it does: no sugar, no animal products or by products, no artificial colors, artificial flavors or preservatives, no chemicals used to glue pills together.

With alternaVites there are no more excuses not to take your vitamins.

If you want to try this product, please visit their website.  Additionally you can become fans of alternaVites on Facebook.

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