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Agile Management - Free Audiobook via Audible #agileprojectmanagement

A Great Step-byStep Guide #agileprojectmanagementThis Audiobook has the tools needed for every Project Manager to be successful. The book defines the manner by which the fundamentals of project management are presented. The approach is very organized, yet never robotic. This is a great step-by-step guide!

Agile Project Management is a really cool book. The co founder, Ken Schwaber, is an anecdote junkie weaves us through a pile of stories and case studies when before you know just learned a bunch a stuff through example!

The (audible) book is easy to listen to, and keeps your attention. Schwaber applies Scrum in various ways and situations keeping things lively and modern. I like that he did not introduce each case study one at a time, but instead stayed centered around key areas. The Lessons Learned sections and the chapters conclude by helping point out the conclusions we learn to draw from the anecdotes.

I appreciated that Schwaber was not afraid to tell us about projects that didn't go perfectly. It allows you to feel closer to the material. Even though the book is about software development you can see where some of the stories in the book could be used in other places in business.

If nothing else, I can promise you won't be bored.


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