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A Better Health Way

A Better Health Way is rapidly becoming the largest seller of electronic cigarettes at affordable prices on the internet. For New Year's our household has decided to go smoke free and with the help of A Better Health Way we are hoping to make that resolution successful. Usually when we tell you about products or services here on DJ6ual: An Irish Girl's Blog we are compensated in some way, but I want to make sure that you know this review is being written entirely unprompted and without the expectation of compensation monetary or otherwise.

A Better Health Way is an electronic cigarette company offering smokeless electronic cigarettes, electronic cigarette starter kits, electronic cigarette refills and parts. They provide a variety of electronic cigarettes at affordable prices and after you figure out how they work for you it becomes clear that switching to the electric cigarettes are much cheaper then traditional packs or cartons. The first thing everyone in the house who decided to use the smokeless electronic cigarettes noticed was that these were an effective alternative to traditional cigarettes that saved a lot of money.

Electronic cigarettes also known as vapor cigarettes or E cigarettes are tobacco free, odorless and produce no smoke or carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. It doesn’t produce cigarette butts or ashes, and is perfectly safe. I think the real fun comes in for those of us old enough to remember when it was okay to smoke almost anywhere. The look on people's faces when you walk through a crowded store or pass by them in a restaurant while puffing away on one of these babies is worth the decision to switch alone.  

We would have tried these sooner but the ones on TV force you to sign up for their cartridges and with A Better Health Way you can go on and choose the type you want when you want them. You can step down from High to Zero nicotine or just stay at the same level and still save a few bucks over traditional tobacco products. Out of the millions of places out there to get electronic cigarettes now-a-days A Better Health Way is the best choice.

You also need to know that A Better Health Way has an incredible customer service department. These things can be really confusing when you first start out. There are a lot of types and once you get them you never know if you are doing it right. Not to mention that for the first few days you will most likely hate it, but if you stick with it you'll never know how you lived without it. A Better Health Way is fast to respond to questions and fixes problems often before you even know you have them. Take the time to explore their site, it is worthwhile to learn all the information they have posted.

If you do decide to make a purchase from A Better Health Way please do not hesitate to let them know you referred by and let me know below how they work for you below.

*NOTE: I use the Commander 8084 B-Series Short which can use the cartridges made for the Commander 8084 B-Series Short or 509 models. I like this design because it can charge on my computer and the price of the cartridges are right for my budget. Be sure to do your research on the site to choose the model that will work best for you.

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