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EVAO by #ISAprofessional

Organic Argan Oil 100% USDA EcoCertExclusively produced in small batches, this Extra Virgin Argan Oil is cold pressed direct from the Argan trees of Morocco, just a few drops adds shine and manageability to ANY hair. It is no wonder to me that EVAO by ISA Professional has exploded onto the beauty market!

This oil is full of naturally occurring vitamin E in a form that is easily absorbed by the hair and body. It easily tames fly aways and split ends. It also makes a great moisturizer for the skin and nails.

* EVAO Extra Virgin Argan Oil
* 100% Organic. USDA Organic. EcoCert Organic.
* Nothing added or subtracted. Cold Pressed to preserve natural vitamins.
* Ideal for adding shine and manageability to hair. Great for moisturizing dry skin.
* Produced by a cooperative of Moroccan Berber women. Fair Trade.

Organic Argan Oil 100% USDA EcoCertWhen you support EVAO by ISA Professional by buying their product(s) it isn't just a benefit to you, but it is good for the environment! EVAO by by ISA Professional preserves Argan trees and prevents deforestation.

Argan forest plays an important role in local ecosystem and ensures its stability. Argan tree is a source of food; it gives shelter and effectively prevents desertification. The tree has deep roots which bind the soil, this way helping to protect it against its erosion and the advance of the desert. The shade of the argan tree ensures protection against the sun for other plants and its leaves and fruit provide nutrition for wild and farm animals. Argan tree is the main component of frail landscape and the heart of the entire ecosystem. Argan oil production is one of alternative activities which stop deforestation of the argan forest.

Organic Argan Oil 100% USDA EcoCertI really love the way EVAO by ISA Professional made my hair feel. I don't use shampoo, I do the "No Poo" method to clean my hair and EVAO by ISA Professional fits into my routine seemlessly.

My No Poo method uses Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar. I use Baking Soda by disolving a little bit in water and then massaging it into my scalp like shampoo. It doesn't lather like soap, but it cleans just as good, if not better! Then I pour a mix of apple cider vinegar and water through my hair, and then rinse with water again. This cleanses my hair and also leaves it moisturized. I then sprinkle a few drops of EVAO by ISA Professional intoto my hands and rub them together. I then work the oil thru my hair with my fingers. Voila!

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