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#ZUBELS NEW Plush Collection

ZUBELS NEW PLUSH COLLECTION Baby William just LOVES his Brown Monkey from the ZUBELS NEW Plush Collection! When I gave it to him he didn't let it go all-day, it was like he found a new best friend!

With everyone I know having babies lately I don't know what I'd do without Zubels! The new plush collection makes baby shower shopping a breeze and the matching hats and rattles spice up the thank you pictures everyone sends.

I know that Baby William LOVED his Brown Monkey from the ZUBELS NEW Plush Collection because it's fur was almost as soft as his newborn skin, his Mom LOVED it because of it's sturdy and safe design, but I LOVED it because it didn't break the bank!

Zubels sent me a monkey plush toy for babies and toddlers in return for writing an honest review of their products. I love that this plush collection features super soft plush toys and matching hats! This brown plush monkey toy is available in both a 16-inch toy and a 5-inch rattle which is perfect for strollers, diapers bags and more! This plush hat features a Velcro chin strap closure and monkey ears and makes a perfect winter or cold weather hat for babies and toddlers!

zubels new plush collectionThese sets are great for photo ops, even when the weather's warm! There are many plush's to choose from too; brown monkey, gray bear, or even white bunny!

Zubels products are well made, original, and loved by children of ALL ages. Please take the time to discover your favorite toy in the Zubels NEW Plush Collection today!

with Promo Code: ZUFF

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