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‘We Will Threaten Your Security’: New Bin Laden Tape Rails France

French officials believe that a new tape from the world’s most wanted terrorist, Osama bin Laden, threatening the European country is authentic. In it, bin Laden warns destruction if France does not pull its troops out of Afghanistan or repeal its recent burqa ban.

“If you want to tyrannize and think that it is your right to ban the free women from wearing the burqa, isn’t it our right to expel your occupying forces, your men from our lands by striking them by the neck?” bin Laden says in the taped message, which aired Wednesday on Al Jazeera.

“The only way to safeguard your nation and maintain your security is to lift all your injustice and its extensions off our people and most importantly to withdraw your forces from Bush’s despicable war in Afghanistan,” bin Laden says.

“As you kill us, you will be killed. As you imprison us, you will be imprisoned, and as you threaten our security, we will threaten your security and the initiator of the injustice is the true aggressor,” he adds.

While CNN was not able to confirm the tape’s author — the message is audio-only — French officials believe it is bin Laden.

CNN adds: “fake bin Laden tapes have never been broadcast, U.S. intelligence experts say.”

“This message only confirms the reality of the terrorist threat against which the French authorities have taken and continue to take appropriate measures,” the French ministry said in a statement Thursday.

The latest bin Laden message is in contrast to his most recent one. In a message earlier this month, a more reserved bin Laden discussed global warming and humanitarian efforts in Pakistan.

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