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‘Vote Homo Not Cuomo’: Ex-Madam Releases New Gov. Attack Ad

The already circus-like race for New York governor just went from one ring to three.

Independent Kristin Davis, the former New York madam, is now calling out Democrat Andrew Cuomo for not taking a stronger stance for gay rights.

“It’s outrageous that New York has not legalized same-sex marriage,” Davis says in a new ad. “Andrew Cuomo says he supports it, but when the marriage equality bill was before the Senate, he was asked to call three undecided Democratic senators and declined. A vote for me sends a strong message to Cuomo: we demand gay marriage now.”

She ends the ad with a catchy phrase: “Vote homo, not Cuomo.”

According to ABC News, the line is a play off a campaign slogan used by some supporters of Andrew’s father Mario in the 1977 New York mayoral election against Ed Koch: “Vote for Cuomo, not the homo.” The reference was meant to advance rumors about Koch’s sexuality.

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