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‘False Images’: Jimmy Carter Blames Fox News for Perception That Obama Is Muslim

Transcript via Newsbuster’s Noel Sheppard:

CARTER: And now with the discussion groups, for instance, on Fox News, that are totally biased, and they implant completely false images not only of the facts about legislation that’s passed or doesn’t get passed, but also about the character of President Obama. And they’ve been successful in projecting him as a person who is not a citizen of America, who is not a Christian but a Muslim, and is not a Democrat but he’s a socialist and so forth. And that, those seeds that are planted every day that they broadcast by the discussion, in the discussion groups, have found, you know, harvest place in the minds of a lot of Americans. So I think they have completely twisted around what he has done, what he has accomplished, and his own personal character to his detriment. It’s a small portion of the total news media.

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