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‘Don’t Tread on Me’ License Plates Could be Coming to VA

The Gadsen flag with it’s popular “Don’t Tread on Me” mantra could be coming to a vehicle license plate near you — if you live in Virginia.

“The citizens of Virginia will soon be able to express their support for smaller government and protest the Federal Government’s intrusion into the affairs of private citizens,” the Richmond, VA 9/12 project website says. “How? With license plates that make a statement!”

The group has introduced state legislation that would make Gadsen-themed license plates an official option for residents.

The group collected the 475 signatures necessary to get the plates and the appropriate legislation considered, which the legislature will do in January.

But the group‘s work isn’t over. If the bill makes it past the legislature and is signed into law, the Department of Motor Vehicles needs 350 applications to establish the specialized identifiers. The plates will cost only $10, and the group is encouraging VA residents to fill out an application form.

Similar proposals are in place in Texas.

“The TIME IS NOW,” the Richmond group writes, “Don’t wait or it may be too late!”

(H/T: TPM)

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